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I’m Kai Alias, I’m a 3D Artist and my style is different and crazy


Here’s a quick little Q&A! Choose: “THIS or THAT?”

  • Sketch/plan first or Go straight into it
  • People or Landscapes
  • Digital Art or Traditional Art
  • Simple backgrounds or Detailed backgrounds
  • Characters and letters or Still life
  • Draw/work indoors or Draw/work outdoors
  • Draw/work without music or Draw/work with music
  • Colourful/bold palette or Pastel/muted palette
  • Whatever comes into mind or Use some references
  • Set up early or Set up on time

Creative DNA

What word or phrase would you use to describe your creative style or approach?

Different and crazy

Past & Present - Cringe!

Remember what it was like when you started? What work have you done that makes you cringe now?

Never had any work that made me cringe, maybe drawings from high school and college but i’m proud of those too as they are a mark of how far I have gone. I usually try to make each of my work great within my abilities but there’s always room for improvement.

Do you have any advice for freelancers or those starting out in your creative field?

The journey is hard and brutal but if you’re serious about it, you will endure it and keep doing it everyday and never get bored with the work. You will want to make a living with the work you love. Even though you are getting paid for the work, never half ass things, do the work and make it great not for the client but for yourself. Commit 100% or not at all. Your work is a reflection on you.

  • Animation and Digital Media
  • Crafts
  • Film, Videography
  • Modern Crafts
  • Product Design
  • Visual Arts

Years of Experience
11 to 20 years

Accepts work in...

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  • Socials
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    Creative Economy Week or CEW is a week-long event and social enterprise focused on the development of the creative industries in Brunei.

    In 2020, CEW is from 14th to 20th December 2020.

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