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About Just Bruneians

Meet The Team

Liyana Hanif

Creative Lead - Just Bruneians

Liyana Hanif is an art director and graphic designer that started the Just Bruneians creative movement. She remains committed to encourage collaboration between artists and build a vibrant community of local creatives here in Brunei Darussalam.

Hazirah Marzuke

Web Lead - Just Bruneians

A web developer and business owner. Keen interest in Brunei internet culture and online communities. Makes lots of lists.

Faiq Airudin

Content Lead - Just Bruneians

Faiq Airudin is a creative based in Brunei, an advocate for sustainable creative industries and an experienced media professional. His latest collaborative project is the photography zine Cuci Mata.

Out of a frustration from the phrase “They’re just Bruneians” blossomed into a movement.

About Just Bruneians

There are so many Bruneians that deserve to be noticed for their passion, skill and creativity. Possessing creative talents is something to be respected and admired. Possessing creative talent is also something you should be proud of.

The project aims to expand the creative movement, originally sparked by local Graphic Designer Liyana Hanif, to an online platform that will feature local creatives in industries like art, music, performing arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, interior design, culinary, film and more.

With the help of local Content Creator Faiq Airudin and Web Developer Hazirah Marzuke – the online platform will make it easier for local creatives, and consumers to network with, and support other local creative businesses.

Our mission is to highlight the aspect how we can encourage more value and admiration towards creativity in the local community. The creative community grows when we stay strong and support each other.

Just Bruneians aims to empower Bruneian creatives to stay inspired, informed and provide the opportunity to connect to clients and the local art community. JUST BRUNEIANS


(Description adapted from “About Just Bruneians”, ACYA Issue No. 3 Bulletin)